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REIS Software
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 With REIS you will:

Save time by preparing real estate contracts in a few minutes

Calculate Cap Rates, Cash on Cash, and build Financial Projections

Run mortgage numbers quickly.

Point and click addendum clauses in seconds.

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REIS Software is for the Professional

Real Estate Software

The Real Estate Software is designed by top investors, and uses advanced technology to help every real estate investor-novice or expert. It will help you make more profitable decisions and save hours of tedious processing time. The software allows you to optimize mail merges, amortization, glossy look-up, web browser, computations of mileage, and real estate library searches.

The Investor Software System includes:

• Detailed Instructions
• Tutorial videos
• Cutting edge analysis tools
• A library of support documents
• A real estate dictionary
• Over 200 modifiable contracts

It will also help you with:

• Create customer call lists
• Prepare marketing letters
• Prepare amortization schedule
• Collect comparable data
• Determine fair market value
• Prepare professional financial statements
• Prepare pre-qualification Icon package

The Software also includes these areas:

• Mortgage Reduction
• Discount Mortgage
• Foreclosure
• Property Analysis
• Marketing Manager
• Home Inspection Financial Statement
• Document Center
• Loan Qualifier

Think, and Act like a Pro:

•Lobby – Property Search
• Search Results
• Area Trending Map
• Property Description

Land Trust Bonus

Land trusts documents can be expensive if they are prepared by a lawyer. They can cost anywhere from $500-$1500. And really all they are about 6-8 pages of legal language, and your information (or companies information) inserted.

In fact after you have one prepared you often go is that all there is to it?

A few years ago, I decided to help myself and my investor friends save some money. So I had a word file created, that does a basic land trust. Now I am not a lawyer, but a lawyer did create this document. And it is easy to fill in.

Once done you can file it at the clerks office for $50-100 dollars, and save yourself a ton of money. Now if you want too, you can run it by a lawyer first. Even if you did that, it would be cheaper than, having a lawyer create it for you.

A BONUS for taking action today.