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REIS Software is for the Professional

May 1, 2012

Real Estate Software

The Real Estate Software is designed by top investors, and uses advanced technology to help every real estate investor-novice or expert. It will help you make more profitable decisions and save hours of tedious processing time. The software allows you to optimize mail merges, amortization, glossy look-up, web browser, computations of mileage, and real estate library searches.

The Investor Software System includes:

• Detailed Instructions
• Tutorial videos
• Cutting edge analysis tools
• A library of support documents
• A real estate dictionary
• Over 200 modifiable contracts

It will also help you with:

• Create customer call lists
• Prepare marketing letters
• Prepare amortization schedule
• Collect comparable data
• Determine fair market value
• Prepare professional financial statements
• Prepare pre-qualification Icon package

The Software also includes these areas:

• Mortgage Reduction
• Discount Mortgage
• Foreclosure
• Property Analysis
• Marketing Manager
• Home Inspection Financial Statement
• Document Center
• Loan Qualifier

Think, and Act like a Pro:

•Lobby – Property Search
• Search Results
• Area Trending Map
• Property Description

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